Zakat Foundation of America Bringing Power to Hurricane Sandy Victims

Zakat Foundation of America Bringing Power to Hurricane Sandy Victims

Ocean Breeze, located in Rockaway Beach, New York was one of the areas hardest hit by Hurricane Sandy. According to condominium residents in the area, flooding caused the water level to reach six feet inside some buildings. Power is not expected to be restored in the area until December or possibly even January.

Zakat Foundation of America is working with the ALB Firm which represents condominium residents in the aftermath of the hurricane. In order to process paperwork and damage-claims quickly, the ALB Firm needed access to internet.

Zakat Foundation of America purchased equipment to set up an internet hotspot and installed it in a central location that would also give residents access to free internet. After being cut off from power for weeks, residents are able to contact loved ones and return some normalcy to their lives by being connected online. The ALB Firm is now able to process claims quickly through the internet connection as well, which will help speed-up damage recovery for residents affected by Hurricane Sandy.

The President of one of the condominium buildings, Edwin Williams, was extremely grateful for Zakat Foundation of America’s work. “We went to the dark ages and you brought us back to the 21st century,” Edwin stated, “Thank you very much.”

Over 100 homes nearby without power can connect to the hotspot, making it possible for thousands of local residents to stay connected. Since Hurricane Sandy touched ground, Zakat Foundation of America has been able to provide food packages and gas to those affected by the hurricane. We also cleaned-up a local Masjid and have set up three distribution centers where we are collecting items needed for the coming winter. With your help, we are working to rebuild our nation during this time of recovery.

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