ZF Begins Vaccination Program in Palestine

ZF Begins Vaccination Program in Palestine

In November 2012, an Israeli air strike on Gaza resulted in over 150 deaths and left the Palestinian economy with over a billion dollars in damage.

In response, Zakat Foundation of America (ZF) partnered with ANERA, a humanitarian organization that has worked in Palestine for 44 years. Through ANERA, ZF began distributing Cefuroxime to hospitals and clinics, an expensive but vitally important antibiotic used for treating people with serious injuries.

ZF is now introducing a vaccination program for Palestinian children. Damage caused by the air strike and from previous bombings has made drinking water unsafe for consumption. People who have consumed the water have become infected with parasites. The ZF vaccination program is providing Palestinian children with vaccinations and is educating families about the importance of drinking clean water.

With the help of generous donors, ZF is working to keep the children of Palestine healthy well into the future.

Please donate today to make a difference for the children of Palestine.

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