Zakat Foundation of America Begins Orphan Sponsorship Program in India

Zakat Foundation of America is proud to announce that we have expanded our Orphan Sponsorship Program to India.

50 young boys and girls who have lost one or both parents have been given a second chance through Zakat Foundation of America’s Orphan Sponsorship Program. For only $30 a month, a sponsor is able to provide an orphan with food, clothing, education and access to healthcare.

Hubli, in North Karnataka, the area where Zakat Foundation of America is currently running the Orphan Sponsorship Program, is a region that is overpopulated and underfunded.
Alhumdulillah, sponsors are able to show these young children that despite their loss, there is someone who cares for them.

Zakat Foundation of America also runs it’s Orphan Sponsorship Program in Bangladesh, Bosnia, Ghana, Kenya, Lebanon, Nepal, Palestine/Gaza, Sri Lanka and Syria.

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