Zakat Kit

Zakat Kit

Assalaamu Alaykum
Dear Imams, Masjid Presidents and Masjid Directors,

Though many are in need, we estimate that only a small percentage of Muslims are giving Zakat properly. While Zakat is an individual obligation, it is an Islamic requirement to collect and distribute it in an organized way through the collective community, as the Prophet practiced. In order to tackle the growing problem of Muslims in need, particularly with today’s grim economy, and misinformation about Zakat, the Zakat Foundation of America has produced a Zakat Kit.

Zakat is mentioned in the Quran 80 times. However, it is often neglected while Masjids focus almost exclusively on Salah. Perfecting one’s prayer is an important goal, but it is not an excuse to overlook our Zakat duty. We need to increase awareness of Zakat and strive to perfect our generosity.

We ask that you encourage your members to take part to fulfill a crucial Islamic duty. By implementing this program, you will be helping reduce poverty in your community.

  • The Zakat Kit includes everything your Masjid will need to develop a successful Zakat Program:
  • How-to guides for Organizing a Zakat Committee, How to Collect & Distribute Zakat Funds, Hosting a Zakat Clinic and many more useful guides.
  • Suggested dua to say after every prayer, and after Jumaa
  • Two Khutbah outlines, contributing to the understanding of Zakat
  • Masjid Zakat Application Form

The Zakat Handbook: A Practical Guide for Muslims in the West produced by the Zakat Foundation.

Click here (PDF) to download a free copy or contact us to order a hard copy.

We hope our Zakat Kit will help you promote Zakat in your community. Click here to download (PDF).

Khalil Demir
Executive Director

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