Zakat Foundation of America’s ICNA-MAS Presence Noticeable

This year, the ICNA-MAS convention in Maryland was all about our beloved Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), his teachings, and the precious words of wisdom he left his Ummah.

As in previous years, Zakat Foundation of America (ZF) team headed to Baltimore, MD and took part in this important event that attracts thousands of Muslim Americans in search of enlightenment, spiritual guidance, and a reconnection with their community.

The ZF booth at the convention’s bazaar stood out as it turned into an assembly line for more than 300 hygiene kits meant for the homeless and destitute. Attendees who helped assemble the kits also included a personal note of encouragement  inside the bags and most gave a donation. Each kit included a reusable drawstring bag, a toothbrush, a toothpaste, sanitary wipes, wet wipes, deodorant, washcloth, and lotion.

The distribution of the hygiene kits took place on June 1st and was led by ZFCCD director Murat Kose and a number of volunteers.

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