Zakat Foundation of America partners with comedian Azhar Usman

Chicago, Ill. (April 23, 2020) — When times are stressful and difficult, all it takes is someone making us laugh to start the process of feeling better. Recognizing the need for humor to ease discomfort, Zakat Foundation of America has partnered with comedian Azhar Usman to share stories about the organization and its work in an entertaining way.

In the first of five “ABBU & AZZU” webisodes, he announces the distribution today of 5,000 gloves and 100 Kn95 masks to Palos Community Hospital, located at 12251 S. 80th Ave. in Palos Heights. Follow Azhar (@azharcomedy) and Zakat Foundation (@ZakatUS) on Instagram for more episodes and information.

“Laughter unites us. Simple,” said Amna Mirza, head of Marketing & Communications at Zakat Foundation. “This collaboration feels special because Azhar feels like family. I wanted to work with someone who shares our values and vision, and Azhar is that someone for this project. We’re excited to bring this partnership to life.”

These five distributions are neither the beginning nor the end of Zakat Foundation’s response to the coronavirus pandemic. The humanitarian organization has been providing gloves, masks, food packages, hygiene kits and mental health services to those affected nationwide and internationally. Zakat Foundation has already distributed tens of thousands of gloves and masks over the last month alone.

The first webisode, available on Zakat Foundation’s YouTube channel, focuses on volunteering and features a cameo of the organization’s executive director delivering personal protective equipment boxes. Visit to learn more about how Zakat Foundation is tackling COVID-19 head on. From there, you can donate to the cause. Zakat Foundation does not take administrative fees from donations designated for emergency relief; 100% of the donation goes toward the cause. For those who have lost a loved one to the disease, Zakat Foundation has launched a memorial wall accessible on that same COVID-19 relief page. This small gesture allows those affected to share fond memories of those who have left them in this life.

If you are a student on F1 visa in the United States and have financial hardship due to Coronavirus (COVID-19), you can apply for financial support via [email protected]. Any health care centers or health care workers who need gloves can call us at 1-888-ZAKAT-US.