Zakat Foundation of America creates Memorial Wall to honor lives lost from COVID-19

Chicago, Ill. (April 13, 2020) — As emergency relief efforts are in full force to counter COVID-19, Zakat Foundation of America understands the need to express grief amid social distancing and lockdown orders across the world.

COVID-19 is changing the way we grieve and mourn the ones we have lost. Traditional sources of comfort like funeral services, hugging, kissing and more are now discouraged to prevent the transmission of COVID-19. Social distancing measures are changing what support and comfort look like during a time of grieving.

For this, a digital COVID-19 Memorial Wall has gone live on the organization’s website.

Those who have lost a loved one to the virus are invited to share their thoughts, feelings and prayers, connecting to others who share their pain.

Together, mourners can remember family members, coworkers, friends and other loved ones lost to COVID-19. This wall is for remembrance, commemorating accomplishments, acknowledging challenges and the difference they made in the lives of those around them.

“There is nothing more human than grieving; this is our small gesture of connecting us to one another during this unimaginable time,” said Amna Mirza, head of Marketing & Communications. “Humanity above all else — that’s what we (Zakat Foundation) stand for. We hope our memorial wall will allow people to pay tribute to their loved ones. We hope it will provide some solace.”

The Memorial Wall is open for submissions.

Visit The Memorial Wall to submit, and to find out more about how Zakat Foundation is tackling COVID-19 head on, and to donate to the cause. Zakat Foundation does not take administrative fees from donations designated for emergency relief; 100% of the donation goes toward the cause.

Visit The Memorial Wall

If you are a student on F1 visa in the United States and have financial hardship due to Coronavirus (COVID-19), you can apply for financial support via [email protected]. Any health care centers or health care workers that need gloves can call us at 1-888-ZAKAT-US.