Zakat Foundation Interview with Hard Lens Media

The average American probably has no idea there are Muslim-American non-governmental organizations actively supporting U.S. communities in need.

The fact is there are multiple NGOs led by American Muslims addressing the nation’s largest issues, including mobilizing relief efforts following natural disasters like Hurricane Florence.  

It’s one of the main reasons Abdelhamid Omran, Outreach Coordinator at Zakat Foundation of America, recently sat down for an interview with Hard Lens Media, an independent news company that aims to inform audiences about people or organizations making a difference.   

For Omran, the interview was an opportunity to speak about Zakat Foundation’s diverse programs on a new platform.

The interview covers Zakat Foundation’s founding, current work such as refugee resettlement, and how the organization ensures sustainability.

“We’re foremost a humanitarian organization but we’re also Muslim,” Omran said. “Our humanitarian standard and our Muslim standard essentially reinforce each other.”

“It’s about doing more visible work on the ground,” Omran added. “When you work locally, you show the people here what we’re doing — and I think we’re already doing that.”

So what is Zakat Foundation doing to help communities across the U.S.?

  1. Social Services: Serving individuals or families in need. This includes helping families pay their rent or bills.
  2. Mental Health: Supporting Khalil Center, a groundbreaking initiative that combines progressive mental health treatment rooted in spiritual tradition.
  3. Refugee Resettlement: Assisting refugee community centers like the Rohingya Culture Center in Chicago.
  4. Food Security: Partnering with NGOs like Feed the Children to distribute food aid in marginalized communities.
  5. Emergency Relief: Mobilizing relief efforts in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Florence primarily through food aid distributions.

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