Zakat Foundation of America Responds to the Changing Dynamics of the Libyan Crisis

Zakat Foundation of America Responds to the Changing Dynamics of the Libyan Crisis

Changing Dynamics of the Libyan Crisis

The situation in Libya is complex, unpredictable, and, unfortunately, increasingly fatal. Zakat Foundation of America’s (Zakat Foundation of America) team on the ground in North Africa continues to provide food, water, and medical treatment to the thousands of migrant worker, refugees staying in the camps at Ras Jdir. But Zakat Foundation of America’s team pays close attention to the recent influx of Libyans into other parts of Tunisia.

Within the last week, Zakat Foundation of America’s representatives assessed the changing needs of the people caught up in the Libya conflict. As more and more foreign workers have found assistance to return home, the new refugee population appears to be Libyans escaping the violence and deprivation of their country.

Presently many Libyans are using mountain passes to unofficially cross into Tunisia. They are heading to towns in southern Tunisia such as Dahiba, Remada, and Tatouine. Many Tunisians have kindly opened their homes to Libyan refugee families. Some hotels have allowed Libyans to stay for free. Others however stay in camps erected by the United Nations (UN) as well as receive basic necessities by humanitarian organizations.

Zakat Foundation of America’s team is preparing to move the focus of their humanitarian work from the northern camp of Ras Jdir to the border town, Tataouine, where at least 3,000 Libyans have taken camp. The number of people in these camps fluctuates daily as the situation in Libya worsens.

These new refugees have food, bedding and medical needs. Zakat Foundation of America prepares to assist these refugees and works to organize the best response to the changing and dispersed needs of the different populations being affected by the ongoing crisis in North Africa.

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