Zakat Foundation of America Launches Mobile Giving Campaign

Zakat Foundation of America Launches Mobile Giving Campaign

Zakat Foundation of America is always in search of more innovative methods that will enable donors to easily give what they can, towards a cause that is close to their heart. One new method that Zakat Foundation of America has added to its donation services is the SMS Mobile Giving initiative. Mobile Giving creates opportunities to save more lives by reaching them faster through SMS text messaging. It is very effective and easy to do.

“Technology is becoming more advanced everyday. Innovative organizations have to keep up with the technological changes that occur, so that we can implement ideas that are more effective in reaching those who need us the most, faster and with a much stronger impact,” says Halil Demir, Executive Director for Zakat Foundation of America.

The Mobile Giving initiative not only helps donors to reach the needy faster, but also enables them to stay connected and informed about our recent updates about the various locations that need our support, as well as the many Zakat Foundation of America programs that are reaching more and more everyday.

“We see our donors as part of this organization. They are not just donors, but volunteers. We expect that they will share our good work with others because they believe in what we do,” Halil Demir states.

When we look at the growing SMS text messaging trend over the last few years, one can understand the importance of Mobile Giving. Today, approximately 80% of all mobile phone users worldwide are using text messaging as a way of communication.

The number of email users in the world is 1.3 billion, while the number of SMS text messaging users exceeds 3 billion, which is 2.5% more than email users. Based on this fact, we can only imagine the growing strength and numbers of text message users. Therefore, it is a great idea to implement Mobile Giving into our Zakat Foundation of America services. In these desperate times, technology will help fight poverty worldwide.

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