Zakat Foundation Aids Calamity Hit in Pakistan

Zakat Foundation Aids Calamity Hit in Pakistan

By Staff Writer from Hi India Weekly

Zakat Foundation of America maintains its ongoing commitment to help ease the suffering of the poor and disaster-stricken people of Pakistan. Since its establishment in 2001, Zakat Foundation has been actively helping the needy of Pakistan through orphan sponsorships, seasonal food distributions, and supporting schools for refugees and emergency relief operations during the 2005 and 2008 earthquakes, 2009 Swat Valley conflicts and 2010 flooding disaster.

“The $150,000 worth shipping container is the second shipment to Pakistan since the flood disaster in Ramadan 2010. Since the flooding took place in Pakistan, our community has rushed to help once, twice, and is willing to help again and again in order to assist our brothers and sisters in need.

By collaborating with the schools, local organizations, Masajids and their communities, we have collected medical supplies and equipment, blankets, clothing, hygienic supplies, school supplies, bicycles, dried foods and money for victims of the flood”, said an official from the organization.

Students from all over the community rushed to help in sorting, packing, taking inventory, tagging, stacking and loading the donated items into the 40 foot container. These students came from Universal School, Aqsa School, Stagg HS, Moraine Valley Community College, Reavis HS, Conrady Jr. High, and also included many mothers that took part in this great experience with their children.

The Container will be received by a Zakat Foundation representative currently in Pakistan, who will distribute the goods to the needy and vulnerable throughout the flood-affected areas.

Zakat Foundation of America is a Chicago based non-profit relief and development organization which has catered to local and regional needs, as well as abroad to Africa, the Middle East and South Asia, since 2001.

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