Young Brother Raises Funds for 32 Winter Kits

Young Brother Raises Funds for 32 Winter Kits

The activist spirit of one young brother from the Chicago area was moved recently to organize a fundraiser to send winter kits to Syria and Gaza. He raised more than $1,600, enough to send 32 winter kits to those in need.

When Joseph, age 12, saw the Zakat Foundation (Zakat Foundation of America) winter kit appeal letter on the kitchen table, he was curious about what it said. When he put it down he was appalled.

“Mom,” he said, moved by Executive Director Halil Demir’s story, “I can’t believe that man had to stuff newspaper in his clothes in the winter, and walk so many miles to school in the freezing cold every day with no coat!”

His mother nodded. “People are going through that kind of thing all over the world,” she said.

So Joseph decided to act. In a few hours he had organized a fundraiser at a bowling alley near his home, invited all his friends, and put the word out to a number of homeschool groups and Muslim schools.

On the day of the fundraiser, Joseph and 41 of his friends broke for a prayer after bowling their first game. He stood before them and spoke from his heart about the need for coats and warm clothing in conflict-stricken areas of the Middle East, and the fact that people are dying from exposure there. They need coats, he said, and we can help them.

The 41 boys and young men, with their parents nearby, applauded Joseph’s comments and his cause, and generously contributed toward the Zakat Foundation of America winter kit campaign.

This young brother shows there is nothing that we cannot accomplish together, if we are willing to care, act and give. Do your part today.

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