YEMEN: The World’s Largest Humanitarian Crisis Today

Yemeni civilians are facing the largest humanitarian crisis in the world today. An estimated 18 million people, 60 percent of the population, are food-insecure and need emergency assistance. 16 million people do not have regular access to safe water for basic hygiene and survival. Death tolls have risen above 10,000, a third of which are children. Two million people are internally displaced as they flee in desperate search for safety. The conflict has resulted in 1.8 million children now suffering from acute malnutrition, and over 1 million pregnant and breastfeeding women are malnourished, according the the United Nations.

Since  this deadly conflict started, Zakat Foundation of America has been providing urgent relief to the Yemeni people. Through our international as well local partnerships based in Yemen, we have saved children, mothers, and communities by delivering desperately needed food and water. With your donation, we will continue to provide life-saving food aid, as well as long-term food security. Zakat Foundation will continue  distributing poultry and livestock, which provide immediate food and a source of income for Yemen’s most vulnerable families. Donate now to save Yemeni lives.

Payment Methods Accepted
Payment Methods Accepted

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