Why are black Americans suffering more from coronavirus?

A stark racial disparity is emerging in the US, with more and more black people falling victim to coronavirus.

The black community in the US is turning out to be most vulnerable to the ongoing pandemic. Although data on race and the coronavirus is too limited, the racial breakdown of virus-linked deaths in cities like Chicago and North Carolina suggests that the black community is worst hit.

As of April 8, the total number of coronavirus cases in the US is 435,000 and the virus has claimed almost 15,000 deaths so far. In Chicago alone, out of 177 casualties 122 are black Americans.

Chicago, the third largest city in the US, has a black population that makes up 30 percent of its total three million people.

The rising death toll of black people in the city caused by Covid-19 cases once again reveals the dark side of American society — the longstanding racial inequality that robs the disadvantaged people from black communities of health services as they are poor and can’t afford insurance…

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