Wheelchair Recipient Receives Medical Achievement Award

Dr. Mahajebeen Mardarkar, the young doctor who received an electric wheelchair from Zakat Foundation of America donors in 2012, has received the highest achievement award for a disabled student in the medical field from the government of her home state, Karnataka, India.

Dr. Mardarkar wrote in a letter to Zakat Foundation of America Executive Director Halil Demir:


I am glad to inform you that I received a state award on the eve of World Disabled Day. The award is instituted by the government of Karnataka , for achievement in the field of medicine. This was all possible because of your generosity and help in my times of need. I am ever thankful to you and I promise you that I will work hard and eventually give something back to others.


Dr. Mardarkar graduated third in her class from medical school and is pursuing a specialization in dermatology at Father Muller Medical College with ongoing help from Zakat Foundation of America. Her dedication to a life of service is an inspiration to all of us at Zakat Foundation of America.

The United Nations International Day of Persons with Disabilities is a worldwide observance that calls attention to the dignity, rights and well-being of persons with disabilities and aims to promote understanding of disability and access issues. In 2014, the Day of Persons with Disabilities fell on December 3 and focused on the theme, “Sustainable Development: The promise of technology.”

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