By Mizbah Rasheed

Alhamdullilah, Zakat Foundation of America gave us the opportunity to raise money to build water wells to provide a source of clean water for people living in developing countries. We were able to raise $3,000 through donations from people who wanted to help, and charity events that we organized. We had a bake sale in which the children from our youth program and their families, as well as other generous brothers and sisters, baked homemade treats. After Jummah salah (prayer), the kids took to the outside of the masjid (mosque) to sell these treats, explaining to those passersby how the money from the bake sale was going to help those in need by providing drinkable water in places that where it is not accessible. Seeing the kids’ faces glow with excitement as they told people what their goal was truly about allowed the community to open up their hearts and wallets.

Another event the youth program held to raise funds was a private swimming event. Muslim families were able to enjoy time in a pool in the Bartlett park district with the comfort of knowing that their modesty was being protected.

After a bake sale, hosting a swimming event and collecting donations, the youth were able to raise enough money to build a water well in Ghana. We use water in every aspect of our lives. A life without it simply is unimaginable for us. But if the only water had was tainted, we’d have no clue what to do. Upon realizing this is how people live in parts of the world, the kids from the Youth Program wanted to help these people who lacked the basic human right to clean water. It is beyond amazing to know that volunteering opportunities like this exist for us to do our part in making the world a better place for everyone. The kids took pride in their work, and took inspiration from this Zakat Foundation of America project.