This Time, 10 Million!




This Ramadan, send 10 million meals to refugees, orphans, and widows hit hard by drought, war, and disaster.

$150 feeds one Orphan iftar for all of Ramadan

$3,000 sends 10 Widows and their Children food for a month 

$6,000 gives 120 Refugee Families Ramadan meals for a month

You’ll be feeding widowed refugees like Muslima, a blind Rohingya woman. Her husband died. She fell penniless. Then the Burmese attacked her village killing her two sons. Muslima walked 600 miles through jungle to India. She owned a single cloth.

You’ll give iftar to orphans left behind by unsung heroes like young Muhammad Abu Salama. He went to Ghouta during the bombing to rescue 50 orphans. A missile killed him as he freed women and children trapped in the rubble of a building shelter.

Some 8.4 million now starve in Yemen. Another 15 million children go hungry in Somalia and East Africa. War has newly displaced 1 million in Afghanistan. Nearly 2 million Palestinians “live” under siege in dying Gaza, cut off from UN funding.

The Prophet, on him be peace, said: “One who feeds another food at the break of fast has a reward the like of the faster, not lessening the faster’s reward in the least” (Tirmidhi).

Please give generously to feed your empty widows, your famished orphans, your starving oppressed – like you feed yourself and family this Ramadan.