Thank You! From 100,000 Hearts You Touched During Ramadan

Thank You! From 100,000 Hearts You Touched During Ramadan

From 40 countries around the world, from more than 100,000 people in some of the poorest communities in the world, a resounding “Thank You!” is ringing out to Zakat Foundation of America donors.

We thank donors such as a group of friends in Ashburn, VA, and the Iliana Islamic Association youth group, who held fundraising iftars for the Zakat Foundation of America livestock program. These efforts raised almost $1,500.

Now, through the money they raised and the generosity of many more donors, 620 families in some of the world’s poorest communities have received livestock – milking cows, sheep and goats – that will nourish them, increase their household earning power and enable their children to attend school. The offspring from the original 1,030 livestock given will benefit additional families, and so the blessings of these gifts will increase exponentially over time.

And while you fasted in obedience to God’s law, your concern for those who hunger all year around the world prompted you to give so generously during Ramadan that Zakat Foundation of America was able to deliver food packages worldwide.

Here in the US, young Zakat Foundation of America volunteers who were themselves fasting prepared and served more than 5,000 meals in feeding centers and soup kitchens as part of the #Zakat Foundation of Americafeed5K movement. One group of Zakat Foundation of America volunteers in Nashville took meals directly to those in need, handing out lunches and water bottles to homeless people on the street. A youth group in Pittsburgh was so energized by the joy of serving others that they completed five total #Zakat Foundation of Americafeed5K feeding days during Ramadan.

The families you have helped and fed, all of us at Zakat Foundation of America offices and community centers in the US, and our field staff around the world thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We pray that God will multiply every one of the gifts you have given.

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