Tarbiya Project in India Provides Training to Thousands
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Tarbiya Project in India Provides Training to Thousands

The Tarbiya program provides introductory spoken English and English literacy for Urdu-speaking secondary students in Hubli –Dharwad City of Karnataka, India. The program began on May 20th with a positive response from the students and their parents. The Zakat Foundation of America (ZF) supported program has begun in three schools in Hubli-Dharwad. In each one, 1,600 students will be trained within 90 days.

The Tarbiya Team first visited each school and tested the 10th standard students to check their proficiency in spoken English. This program emphasizes spoken English while introducing students to entry-level reading skills. A carefully designed curriculum progressively introduces English starting from familiar and simple language skills to relatively complex skills using rhymes, games and conversations. The materials include a teacher’s manual, work books, flip charts and flash cards.

The Activity Based Learning techniques that shape the program are designed to come naturally to children and use an integrated approach in which saying, doing and reading are combined, as in a game. Children are engaged in a variety of interconnected activities, which allow them to learn the material independently.

A branch of the Affus Woman Welfare Association (AWWA), a non-governmental organization promoting the socio-economic advancement of women and children, has designed child-friendly Teaching Learning Aids that support the program through constant interaction with the teachers, and measured its success through various assessment strategies. However the program is delivered in classrooms by teachers themselves.

Educating children with the skills they need to work and participate in the global village will improve the lives of their children and grandchildren. By donating to ZF’s education and sustainable development programs, your contributions can change the lives of generations.

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