Syrian Refugees: 150 Homes Rented for Syrians in Jordan and Lebanon

150 Homes Rented for Syrians in Jordan and Lebanon

Zakat Foundation of America (ZF) has sustained relief efforts on behalf of Syrian refugees and Syrians for over a year, spending over $2 million on food packages, medicine, first aid kits, and hospital bills.

In an effort to provide stability and improve the living conditions of refugees in Jordan and Lebanon, ZF has rented over 150 homes for refugee families. This decision was in response to a growing shift in the need of Syrian refugees to find homes that accommodate their extended refuge from Syria. Families who had the luxury to rent homes were confined to small spaces in which they shared living quarters with up to 20 other refugees.

The homes that ZF has rented will allow families the decency and space to live comfortably with their immediate families. Moreover, these homes have been paid in advance for the duration of a year; therefore, families who cannot afford extended stays in these homes have the peace of mind to stay until the end of the Syrian crisis.

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