Syrian Refugee Population Increases Six-Fold

Syrian Refugee Population Increases Six-Fold

As we all know from watching the news, the Syrian government continues to respond to peaceful demonstration with excessive force. In fact, the situation on the ground has developed into a massive humanitarian crisis. Thousands of innocent people have been injured, displaced or killed.

Injured people seeking medical attention have been detained by Syrian police. Many injured agonize in pain because their fear of detainment has kept them from getting medical care.
The number of people forced to leave their homes in Syria has increased from 1,500 to 9,000 in Lebanon.
Sadly, these numbers count mostly women and children.

Thanks to the strong support from you and other donors, Zakat Foundation of America was the first humanitarian organization to stretch out its arms to help the Syrian families who have fled the brutal violence.

Zakat Foundation of America has been able to give humanitarian aid in spite the fact that—unlike most humanitarian crises—no relief organizations are permitted to provide assistance to Syrians. Humanitarian organizations are instead treated as enemies of the Syrian government. The Zakat Foundation of America Representative to Lebanon, Sheik Ghaleb, eye-witnessed several people being wounded and killed by Syrian snipers.

Despite the risks, Zakat Foundation of America has been able to stand with our Syrian brothers and sisters when it seems their own government has turned against them. By the grace of God, Zakat Foundation of America is bringing food, basic medical care and shelter to these new refugees.

There are no signs of this crisis abating soon. We need you to help us be the light to our brothers and sisters suffering from these injustices. While they may not be able to make sense of the injustices committed against them, they will see that we care for them, we support them. We ask that you pray for the people of Syria and continue to support our efforts. With your generous support, their hope can be restored.

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