Sustainable Agriculture Can Provide Food Resilience

Humans need food to survive. 

Can you imagine going a day without food for yourself or your family? What about weeks? Unfortunately, this is the sad reality for so many.  Even for those of us with food, we need to consider how we get our food. The way we produce food is impacting the survival of future generations. It simply isn’t sustainable. 

It leads to food insecurity. 

There are billions of people that are food insecure (lacking reliable access to a sufficient quantity of affordable, nutritious food). Food insecurity in the world has never been higher and is growing. About 2 billion people (1 in 4 human beings on earth) do not have sufficient access to nutritious meals. Of these, 1 in 9 (800 million plus) experience severe food insecurity, suffer real hunger.

These billions aren’t just suffering, they are feeling real physical effects from food insecurity. Food insecurity is directly linked to poorer physical and mental health. Food insecurity is caused by poverty, food shortages, conflicts, climate change, poor public policy, and more. As a result, hunger has been on the rise in Africa, Southeast Asia, Latin America, and the Carribbean.

As Muslims, we are obligated to address the needs of the hungry. The Prophet (upon him be peace) said: “He is not a believer whose stomach is filled while the neighbor to his side goes hungry.” 

At Zakat Foundation of America, we strive to meet the immediate needs of those who are hungry. We distribute food baskets with nutritious and wholesome foods. 

Yet, this is not enough. 

In order to eradicate worldwide hunger, we need to address the causes of food insecurity. We address this by giving people the tools they need to create food resilience. One of these tools is sustainable agriculture. Sustainable agriculture is when farmers uses good stewardship of the natural resources and systems they rely on for farming. With our Food Security Program, we work directly with those in need to promote:

  • Promoting access to safe water
  • Providing access to sanitation
  • Increasing resiliency through farming initiatives
  • Assisting with animal husbandry

These programs have grown into successful programs such as greenhouses in Gaza, cassava cooperatives that empower women in Ghana, and sesame farming in Yemen. But we need your help. Invest in our Food Security Program so that we can ensure food resilience for generations to come. Help feed others for the sake of God. 

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