Success Story of Nesar Uddin – A Bangladeshi Orphan

Nesar Uddin’s educational opportunities were slowly fading away after the death of his father plunged his family into poverty. But now, at age 14, he has achieved a GPA of 4.64 out of 5 in the Junior School Certificate Exam (JSC) 2012, a national competitive exam in Bangladesh for grade 8.

Nesar, a former child laborer whose brother sent him to the Zakat Foundation of America Orphan Center (Zakat Foundation of AmericaOC) in 2007, says he now can dream of becoming a computer engineer.

“Before coming to Zakat Foundation of America Orphan Center I was a student. But I was not a good student. Because of poverty I could not concentrate on my studies. But when I came to Zakat Foundation of America Orphan Center I became very attentive and careful. Zakat Foundation of America is like my home. I get everything I need. From that time I always wish my bright future. So, by the grace of Allah (swt) I am so happy here.”

Six other students of the Zakat Foundation of AmericaOC passed the 2012 Primary School Certificate (PSC – 5th grade) exam with flying colors. Nesar and one other student sat for the 2012 JSC. Both scored very well.

Zakat Foundation of AmericaOC is home to about 35 orphans from various parts of Bangladesh. All of these boys came from very poor families and had little hope in their future education due to poverty and lack of guidance. Zakat Foundation of AmericaOC provides shelter, food, living expenses, medical care, education and all other needs for these children so they can enjoy the same opportunities as their more fortunate peers.

Zakat Foundation of America has supported orphan boys in Bangladesh since 2007.

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