The Story of Makthumbi Nadaf: A Life Among Difficulties

The Story of Makthumbi Nadaf: A Life Among Difficulties

The Story of Makthumbi Nadaf

Makthumbi Nadaf is a widowed, 68 year-old woman from Islampur, Old Hubli located in North Karnataka, India. Makthumbi is poverty stricken and has faced many misfortunes, such as the death of her husband and son-in-law.

Makthumbi has two children; a son named Dhawal, and a daughter named Sabina. She lost her husband in a bus accident when she was 42 years old. Her husband used to be a Ground-nuts Salesman, and after he passed away, Makthumbi took over the task in order to earn some funds to provide for her family. She would spend her days going door to door, selling Ground-nuts, and would gross, approximately Rs. 40 per day. This income was not enough for Makthumbi to feed her children with. She was not able to afford to send her children to school, but was somehow able to raise her children on the meager income that she was earning.

“Six years after my children were married, Sabina lost her husband, and was placed in the same situation as I was in. I now live with my widowed daughter in a small, rented house that we pay Rs. 300 a month for. The rent amount does not include water or electricity. This home is in bad condition, with one room’s roof covered with plastic paper and small tiles” Makthumbi states.

Sabina has three children who study in a government-run school, since it costs less than other schools nearby. Sabina works in hotels and nearby houses as a Vessel Cleaner and earns Rs. 70 per day, which is still not enough for her family to depend on.

Makthumbi Nadaf’s family is one of the many beneficiaries of Zakat Foundation’s continued assistance. They are among hundreds of thousands of needy individuals whom Zakat Foundation provides goods to.

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