How to start a successful halaqa group in your Masjid

How to start a successful halaqa group in your Masjid

A major component of educating each other is the regular halaqa (study group). When executed correctly, halaqas can provide a regular dose of Islamic knowledge. To start a halaqa circle in your Masjid, here are a few things you can do to make sure it’s successful:

How to start a successful halaqa group in your Masjid

Know who your audience is – General halaqas that encompass both men and women, children and adults, etc., don’t speak to each person on their own level. Some may want to be a part of a more advanced halaqa, but others may want just an introduction. Pick a demographic.

For example, a halaqa circle specifically for teenage girls is more likely to be focused and productive. Also, attendees will be more likely to connect with and learn from one another because they are in a similar demographic.

Have a core group – Start out with a group of core halaqa members, even if it’s just two to three people. It’ll help you get started, and eventually others will notice your group regularly meeting at the same place and time and get curious. Their curiosity may lead them to join.

Be consistent – If the halaqa is scheduled for every Friday after Maghrib prayer, KEEP it at that time. Constantly rescheduling halaqas or canceling confuses the people who want to come until they stop showing up altogether.

Find the best place to hold the halaqa
• The Masjid is typically the best place to have a halaqa. The halaqa will be visible to passersby in the Masjid, contributing to the group’s growth. New people may regularly join the halaqa each week or so. However, if you do plan on holding a halaqa in the Masjid, make sure you have their permission.

• A person’s home is also a suitable place to hold a regular halaqa. Some Masjids are not big enough to hold such gatherings, or have a full program schedule already.

Make it interesting and fun!
• Make each halaqa topic interesting and appealing.

• Give some group members the chance to contribute. This will keep them engaged.

• Help them apply the knowledge they learn in the halaqa meeting to real-life situations.

Be serious and keep attendees on their toes – This is a serious meeting to further attendees’ knowledge about Islam. Halaqas, though informal, are not a chance to hang out and give time for everyone to catch up with each other. It’s okay to have fun, but make sure the halaqa leader and the attendees both stay focused.

Engage with attendees outside of the halaqa meeting – If it’s possible, allow for “halaqa members” dinners or gatherings. The more fun attendees have with each other, the more likely they will come to halaqas meetings consistently because they will feel more engaged. This is also a chance to provide attendees with a circle of friends who will boost their Iman, especially if they have discouraging friends outside of the halaqa.

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