Sri Lanka Housing Project Completed

Sri Lanka Housing Project Completed

In January of 2009, Zakat Foundation of America completed construction of a house for a Sri Lankan family living in abject poverty and in desperate need of housing. Since this time more than 50 families who are in similar situations have been trying to find a way out of poverty yet have been unable to afford better housing.

In the rural Bibile area of Southeastern Sri Lanka, many people live in thatched huts which are temporary houses that are often destroyed during the monsoon. Zakat Foundation of America’s objective is to provide longer lasting, low cost houses made of cement or brick that can withstand harsh monsoonal conditions.

People in the area are running their households on the meager income they earn by doing odd jobs in the village. For most, their income is insufficient to meet their family’s basic needs for housing, food, and clothing.

It costs only US $4,750 to build a two room house for a family in Bibile. The cost includes local labor, building material and the cost of connecting electricity. Alhumdulillah, Zakat Foundation of America has completed the construction of five permanent houses in the area in an attempt to meet this need.

The beneficiaries are extremely grateful to donors like you for providing them with safe homes to grow and nurture their families.

Donate your Sadaqa Jariyah to programs like the Sri Lanka Housing Project and gain the reward that lasts a lifetime.

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