Sri Lanka Flood Victims Get Relief Aid from Zakat Foundation of America

Sri Lanka Flood Victims Get Relief Aid

After the severe flooding in Sri Lanka, international relief agencies were asked to help the citizens of Sri Lanka save what they can of their homes as well as provide relief for those who were affected by the floodwaters. Among the relief agencies that went to assist Sri Lanka was Zakat Foundation of America (ZF), a Muslim-run relief and development organization based in Bridgeview, IL. ZF is responding to the severe flooding by providing immediate assistance to thousands of people whose livelihoods, homes, and belongings have been destroyed or severely damaged by the floodwaters.

Heavy rains, landslides, and strong winds have devastated several villages in the Eastern Part of Sri Lanka. The floods affected 50,000 families and have caused many to seek shelter in relief assistance camps. ZF is supporting the distribution of food provisions and hygiene materials for families in the Al-Hussin Vidyalayam- Maligaikadu, Malharush Shums M.M.V- Sainthamaruthu, and Al-Hilal Vidyalayam- Sain thamaruthu Flood relief camps. For those who chose to remain in their flooded homes, ZF is providing pumps to remove foul water from the buildings and assistance with repairing damaged houses in the districts of Polannaruwa and Batticaloa.

ZF works in over 30 countries around the world and has been active in Sri Lanka for several years, where it supports a computer and technology school for disadvantaged youth, sponsors needy orphans, and carries out annual food package distributions and feeding programs in vulnerable communities. ZF’s 2011 Sri Lanka Flood Relief Program was well underway, even before the United Nations issued its appeal for International Relief Agencies to support the Sri Lankan governments attempt to address the needs of an estimated 1 million flood victims.

ZF is devoted to addressing the needs of communities around the world with its critical Emergency Relief and sustainable Development Programs that address the multitude of needs of communities requiring immediate and long-term assistance.

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