Send the Seeds of Your Zakat Out Into the World

Send the Seeds of Your Zakat Out Into the World

When you blow on a dandelion puff, the seeds float away to parts unknown. Paying Zakat is like that.

One tiny seed floats across oceans to help a Syrian orphan girl get the food, shelter, education, and attention that she needs.

One seed, under its delicate umbrella, feeds a hungry family in one of the richest countries in the world.

One seed carries food and supplies to Bosnian flood victims whose homes have been destroyed.

And one tiny seed floats up high, carried by the breezes of summer, to whisper of your deeds to your Maker.

Zakat brings comfort to those in need on Earth, and eases your soul in the hereafter through the good pleasure of the Almighty.

Let the seeds of your zakat scatter far and wide. Let them bear witness in your favor before God. Give today.


Zakat Essentials for the Holy Month


During Ramadan we purify our bodies and minds through fasting, our souls through prayer and our wealth through paying zakat. Zakat Foundation of America answers frequently-asked questions relating to personal as well as business zakat and offers resources such as the Zakat Handbook: A Practical Guide for Muslims in the West, and an opportunity to ask an imam. The convenient zakat calculator and zakat iPhone app make calculating and donating easy.








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