India: Rickshaw Program for Displaced Rohingya

India: Rickshaw Program for Displaced Rohingya

Zakat Foundation of America Rohingya Relief: Ten Years and Counting

For ten years Zakat Foundation of America has consistently provided Rohingya refugees and IDPs a lifeline of food aid, hygiene kits, resettlement assistance, and income-generating programs to help rebuild their lives after losing everything.

Our food packages, including fresh locally slaughtered meat, have reached Rohingya refugees in Malaysia, Bangladesh, India, and the United States.

The Zakat Foundation of America Rickshaw Campaign lifted 150 Rohingya refugee families out of poverty in India. This is a sustainable development initiative in which each family is gifted a rickshaw for generating reliable income.

In the United States, Zakat Foundation of America provided resettlement assistance for Rohingya refugees in  Houston, Buffalo, and Chicago.  Zakat Foundation of America has established the Rohingya Culture Center (RCC) to create a safe cultural space for Rohingya refugees resettling in Chicago.  The center offers enrichment classes in computer skills, English language, financial literacy, youth mentoring, tutoring, and more.

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