Restoring Vision and Hope for Syrian Refugees

Restoring Vision and Hope for Syrian Refugees

Restoring Vision and Hope for Syrian Refugees

Zakat Foundation of America’s (ZF) emergency relief efforts in Syria were launched just after the Syrian crisis began. We have since established the Al Rahma Health Clinic in Wadi Khaled, just 1 km from the border between Syria and Lebanon. We then opened a second medical clinic in Akkar to serve Syrian refugees and poor Lebanese. Our clinics offer low cost and free treatment and medicine for people who do not have the means to pay for medical care.

Mona is one person who came to the ZF clinic. Mona is a Lebanese woman from the Al Moghaireya region who was suffering with vision problems. Her husband is also sick and incapable of working so Mona and her family live on other peoples’ charity. Since she had been unable to pay for a visit with an eye doctor, her condition had worsened. When she heard of Al Rahma Clinic in Lebanon, she immediately went there, was treated by a well-known specialist in the province and offered the medicines she needed.

Mona asked the clinic staff to pass along her sincere thanks to ZF for supporting her almost free of charge. At an ordinary clinic she would have to pay more than US$50 for each examination; at our clinic she only paid US $6.

Similarly, 12 year old Hadi came to the clinic with an eye inflammation. Because of his poverty he was treated by the doctor in the clinic free of charge and given the medicines he needed. He too thanked ZF.

Your donation to the Syria Emergency Relief Campaign helps pay for needed medical care and can truly make an amazing difference in someone else’s life. Change a life and donate today.

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