Response to Hurricane Irma

Response to Hurricane Irma


CONTACT: Zakat Foundation of America Public Relations Coordinator, Nour Zein, 708-233-0555, [email protected]

CHICAGO, SEPTEMBER,13, 2017 – Zakat Foundation of America has been monitoring Hurricane Irma very closely following the departure of Hurricane Harvey.

In response to Irma, Zakat Foundation of America quickly mobilized a team of staff and volunteers to assess the damages and take action in Florida.

“As a humanitarian organization, we are operating around the world, but we would never neglect our duties to our own people here at home,” said Halil Demir, Zakat Foundation of America Executive Director.

Zakat Foundation of America’s East Coast Program Director Murat Kose, who is located in North Carolina, will be traveling to Florida to assist with immediate disaster relief.

“We have pledged $250,000 in disaster relief, and that is not including in-kind donations,” said Zakat Foundation of America Accounts Manager Amina Demir.

Zakat Foundation of America is coordinating relief efforts with the Council on American–Islamic Relations-Florida (CAIR) and continues to meet with Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (VOAD) in both North Carolina and Georgia. CAIR-Florida and VOAD are discussing and implementing the most effective procedures to quickly contribute to Hurricane Irma relief efforts.

Volunteers have been engaged and, once the roads are safe, will be working together to clean affected areas and distribute hygiene kits, food and water following the devastating damages Hurricane Irma left behind.




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