Respecting the Elderly of Our Communities

The Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings upon him) once said: “Those who do not show mercy to youth and respect or honor to elders are not one of us.”

Keeping up with the beloved tradition of the Prophet (pbuh) and Zakat Foundation of America’s (Zakat Foundation of America) commitment to assist local communities, the Zakat Foundation of America East Coast office provided a fresh lunch to more than 100 seniors at the Durham Center for Senior Life in Durham, North Carolina.

After a brief talk by Dr. Ahmed Rab on the importance of helping the elderly, nearly a dozen Zakat Foundation of America youth volunteers prepared tables with delicious international cuisine, including vegetarian and meat dishes, cooked by local families. Additional supplies were sponsored by Altenew, a design and crafting webstore.

“They have been looking forward to a Zakat Foundation lunch,” said Liz Lahti, director of programs at the senior center.

After lunch, many people, who were interested to learn more about Zakat Foundation of America’s humanitarian work, picked up brochures. The volunteers also sat down with the seniors and played board games.  

When it came time for the Zakat Foundation of America team to leave, the senior citizens stood up and clapped their hands in ovation.

“We love it when you come and serve lunch,” an elder said. “We really appreciate all that you do. Please come again.”