Refugee Women…Invisible and Often Forgotten

Refugee Women…Invisible and Often Forgotten

Invisible and Often Forgotten

Our work at Zakat Foundation of America is about the people – particularly those who are Invisible and Often Forgotten. Refugee women remain an invisible group. Their needs often go unnoticed by the world. Women in conflict zones are repeatedly used as political shields. They make up about 80 percent of world refugee population. Yet their voices are silenced, needs unmet and rights violated.

The aforementioned is particularly true in refugee camps where women struggle to fight for their basic human rights. Many international organizations are currently advocating for women’s rights across the globe – but have long ways to go from eradicating gender based violence and discrimination. As a humanitarian organization, women and children remain our largest recipients of services.

Most of our humanitarian relief and development work provides much needed assistance and support to women and children in various regions around the world. Zakat Foundation of America’s work is beyond providing just humanitarian aid and development – it is about empowering women to be leaders and change agents in their respective communities. Zakat Foundation of America believes that women are the essence and foundation of every family and community – our work continues to reflect just that.

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