Reflection of the Rohingya Muslims

Zakat Foundation of America launched a udhiya/qurbani distribution in Bangladesh for the Rohingya Muslims in refugee camps. Zakat Foundation of America captured their stories and what udhiya/qurbani meant to them.

Gulcheara Begum

“If a beggar begs, he gets something,” Gulcheara Bagum lamented, “but a Rohingya Muslim is neglected by all classes of people. They never get help from others.”

Gulcheara Begum and her adult daughter Amina are Rohingya Muslims from Myanmar, living homeless in Bangladesh. Amina married a Bangladeshi man in 2010 but her husband left her and re-married. Now Gulcheara and her daughter live together in inhuman conditions. Her other two daughters and her other family members are also living hand to mouth because they cannot legally work without a Bangladeshi National Card.

After getting Udhiyah meat from Zakat Foundation of America Gulcheara Begum told Zakat Foundation of America workers, “Zakat Foundation of America came to us and gave us Qurbani meat. I feel so fortunate and will make dua for them. I hope that they will take more actions for Rohingya Muslim brothers and sisters like me.”

Gulcheara Begum crossed the Myanmar border in 2008 at the age of 55 and sheltered in the Technaf area of Bangladesh with her three daughters. Her husband was killed by Myanmar soldiers several years before and her only son undertook a hazardous journey by boat to Malaysia to work as an illegal immigrant. Since then, she has had no further contact with her son. She is desperate to receive any news of him.

Dilder Begum

Dilder Begum is 50 years old. Originally from Buchidong District in Myanmar, she came to Panirkuapara of Cox’s Bazaar, Bangladesh, three years ago. Her husband is blind and unable to work. To support her five children, two sons and one daughter, she works in a fish processing factory.

“We had home but in Bangladesh we are homeless. I am very much happy that I got Qurbani meat from Zakat Foundation of America. All year we wait for this Eid Festival. Allah will help those who help us and remember us.” Dilder Begum said.

Jafar Ahmed

Jafar Ahmed is one of the Rohinga muslims who is living in Bangladesh. He is 45 years old. He came to Bangladesh before 8 years. He original home was in Buchidong of Burma. Now he is a day labor. He has 3 sons. He lives in Muhuripara of Cox’s Bazaar.

“Eid Mubarak to all of my muslim brothers. I am very much glad to get these Qurbani meats. I got this help for the first time. I pray for you all.”

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