Ramadan: A Time for Sharing

Ramadan: A Time for Sharing

Last Ramadan Zakat Foundation of America:

  • gave Fitra to more than 225,000 people in 32 countries
  • provided warm meals for Iftar
  • distributed food packages and shared Eid gifts

This Ramadan: Doubling our Efforts

We voluntarily fast, yet as many as 925 million people go hungry worldwide due to poverty and disasters. We help so many, yet so many more live without even a daily meal.
This year-with your generous donations-we can double our efforts to:

  • Provide emergency relief to thousands during the Middle East crises, especially in Syria, Yemen and Libya
  • Feed families in famine-stricken Somalia as part of our Horn of Africa programs
  • Sponsor orphans worldwide

The people behind the statistics

As you give this Ramadan, we want to share with you a few people behind the statistics. Nafisatu from Ghana lost her father at 16 and was forced to quit school and live on the streets while searching for work. She excelled in Zakat Foundation of America’s seamstress training program and received a diploma and sewing machine from Zakat Foundation of America to start her own business. She now runs a successful shop that allows her not only to support herself, but her mother and four siblings.

Reaching out to orphans and refugees

Ahmad of Lebanon lost his father to aimless bullets before he was born. An orphan sponsorship returned the brightness to Ahmad’s eyes and tenderness to his smile. And there is Fatima from Syria who saw men in her village with bullet wounds and heard the Syrian army was coming. She had to flee to Turkey with her sister and three children.

Building on our successes

These success stories inspire us to expand our efforts during Ramadan to reach the many who are in need yet go without support due to insufficient funding. On behalf of those who still need our support, I ask you not only to give this Ramadan, but to double your giving.

Ramadan: A time to give

As we fast during this blessed month to gain the reward and feel with those who go hungry, let us remember those who are still in need. Show them that you care. Give Sadaqah in addition to your Zakat for programs such as orphan gifts and Fitra.

Please, donate now to make a positive difference in the lives of many in need! May Allah (swt) reward you for your generosity and compassion.

Need help calculating your Zakat? Our Zakat Calculator makes it easy. Question about your Zakat? See answers to over 100 FAQs.

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