Ramadan: Acts of Kindness

Ramadan: Acts of Kindness

In Ramadan the smallest act of kindness releases tremendous spiritual bounties. Zakat Foundation of America challenges you to magnify the power of your charity by committing acts of kindness on each day of this holy month. Kindness makes those around us feel loved and cared for, so go ahead and let your love show! Give your mother an unexpected bouquet of flowers. Involve your children in donating toys to a homeless shelter. Surprise the cashier at the grocery store with a gift card. Make your spouse’s favorite meal for Iftar.

Pray for a friend who is sick or in difficulty. Scatter words of encouragement wherever you go, and let your smile brighten the day of everyone you meet. Your kindness can inspire others as well. Take our 30 Acts of Kindness challenge. Complete a kind action each day and receive the blessing of this holy month.

Download copies of our list from zakat.org and share it with your friends and family, or generate your own.

Join us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to share your experiences and inspire others. During each of the 10-day periods of Ramadan we will choose one of your inspirational stories to highlight on our website. If your act of kindness is chosen we will send you a one-of-a-kind Acts of Kindness t-shirt.*

* You must live within the continental United States of America to receive the t-shirt.

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