Your Ramadan Gifts Across the World

Across the world, your Zakat and sadaqah gifts fed life-saving iftar meals to poor, hungry refugees, orphans, and victims of war and drought every single Ramadan day.  

From Syrian widows and orphans in Jordan, in Turkey, in Lebanon and in Syria – to starving families in hard-to-reach Sada, Yemen; from Bangladesh’s shanty camps for the ethnically cleansed Rohingya to the thirsting hungry in Senegal, in Kenya, and Sudan; from poor families living on less than $2 a day in Cambodia, the Philippines, in Sri Lanka, in India, and Nepal; and from Ghana’s deserving impoverished to the famished of Mali and Morocco… 

Zakat Foundation aid workers have striven hard to deliver your blessed gifts of life and love to each one, every family – all those with palms raised to the sky beseeching God to fill them with mercy – and praying that Ramadan’s grace descends on all those who cared. You.

Thank you. God reward you all, with mercy, forgiveness, and deliveranceIt’s not too late. Give now here!