OSP Allows Children to Pursue Their Education

OSP Allows Children to Pursue Their Education

Fouzia Begum watches as her son steps outside their home and on his way to school. It’s morning in Hyderabad, a major city in southern India. She keeps her gaze until he disappears around the corner where he hops on a bus to school. A few years ago, she thought she would never see this day.

Fouzia’s husband passed away recently due to kidney complications. She had no other support system. She was also illiterate, which barred her from many opportunities. To make ends meet, Fouzia picked up work as a maid but she was barely earning enough to pay for rent and food. There was no money left over to pay for her sons tuition fees. However, Fouzia was determined to make sure her children did not have the same fate as her.

She heard the name of Zakat Foundation of America and it’s Orphan Sponsorship Program (OSP). After an assessment from Zakat Foundation of America representatives, her son, Mohammed Akram, was accepted and the sponsorship began. Her boys would now receive financial assistance, not only with education but also food, healthcare, and any other basic needs.

In class, Mohammed is known to be very intelligent and aspires to help other orphan children. His favorite subject is English and he’s become fond of the art of storytelling. When he’s not studying, he’s out with his friends playing games or sports such as cricket. The OSP sponsorship also helps his younger brother, Arshad, with his education.

“I have no words to express it,” said Fouzia with tears. “Alhamdulillah! I have no words. I just want a good life for my children, that’s all I want. I am so happy for what you have done for our children’s education. Everything we’ve got is from you. I continue making du’a (prayers) for the sponsors of my children. I would like to say to the sponsor thank you for allowing me to educate my children.”

Mohammed is also very thankful to Zakat Foundation of America and its sponsors. “Thank you for supporting me in my education and because of you I am studying well,” he says. “This year, I also received an Eid dress and shoes. Thank you so much and may Allah bless you.”