Opening Doors for Poor in India

Opening Doors for Poor in India

The Computer Institute, opened this summer by Zakat Foundation in Hubli, India is already showing a prodigious devotion to the underprivileged students in that area, who have just completed their first quarter of classes.

A well known business process outsourcing company, who specializes in e-documentation services, approached the school’s management in order to request an opportunity to interview students for data-entry positions at its office, in the Hubli area.

The company was eager to schedule a day full of interviews with students, after hearing about the quality of education, and the seriousness of the students at The Computer Institute.

The Computer Institute staff prepared the students for the interviews, so that they may improve their chances for employment. The interviews proved fruitful, since twelve from The Computer Institute students were employed by this company, as a result.

The company’s human resources personnel were impressed by the know-how of the students, and requested permission to arrange regular visits with The Computer Institute in the future, for recruiting purposes.

For many of the students attending The Computer Institute, the computer skills that they are learning, Insha’Allah, will offer a means out of the unfortunate cycle of poverty that plagues the Hubli region.

Amongst those who interviewed with the business process outsourcing company, was a mother of three that was abandoned by her husband; and a young woman, who took upon the responsibility of caring for her younger sibling after the death of both parents, by working menial jobs.

Zakat Foundation of America is committed to adopting enlightenment through education, in hopes of offering the poor opportunities that will improve their lives and help them gain economic independence.

We invite our donors to join us in this commitment by supporting our Skills and Vocational Training Programs in India and worldwide.

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