Open a Pathway of Mercy into Aleppo

The ongoing horror unfolding in Aleppo has captured the attention of the world. Relentless shelling and constant air attacks in the city’s eastern half have isolated hundreds of thousands of innocent families, who are now at grave risk as bombs rain down upon civilian neighborhoods. Thousands are attempting to flee, but are finding the route to safety to be almost as dangerous as remaining in the city. Those who do manage to escape are hiking through the cold, wet mud for the nearby city of Idlib, which is itself no safe haven, but is at least less dangerous than Aleppo. Others – up to 80,000 according to some reports – cannot go to Idlib and must make do with hastily erected tent cities. All have been forced to leave everything behind, and are consequently in dire need of basic provisions.

What can you do?

Zakat Foundation of America is mobilizing to help in this desperate time, but first and foremost, we ask that you please pray for the people of Syria, especially for those fleeing the violence in and around Aleppo.

With your help, Zakat Foundation of America can provide the following:

One food package will feed a family of five for $50.

One winter kit, which includes a heavy coat and thick blanket, will comfort someone for $30.

A food and winter package can be sent together for $80.

10 families can be fed for a month and provided with coats and blankets for $800.

These packages will supply a modest but meaningful measure of comfort and stability amid the chaos of this unimaginably destructive conflict. Please, consider donating today, and #StandwithAleppo.