North Carolina Gov. Praises Zakat Foundation of America for Hurricane Relief Efforts

Governor Roy Cooper of North Carolina recognized Zakat Foundation of America’s humanitarian efforts for its emergency response to Hurricane Florence at a special event held at the governor’s mansion.

Gov. Cooper mentioned Zakat Foundation as one of 27 organizations that helped North Carolina in its time of need. Zakat Foundation was the sole Muslim organization to be recognized.  

“We wanted to call all of you here today because we are simply grateful for your generosity,” Gov. Cooper said.

The governor thanked volunteer and nonprofit groups for providing immediate disaster relief and asked the organizations to stay committed to long-term recovery efforts.

Communities are still struggling in the wake of Hurricane Florence, the worst natural disaster in North Carolina’s history. In Lumberton, 70 percent of the population lives below the poverty line. Many families don’t have heat, nor have they received compensation to rebuild damaged homes.  

Recently, Zakat Foundation worked directly with the governor’s office and the Islamic Center of Lumberton to set up another distribution event in honor of Veteran’s Day. Thanks to City Hall’s support, Zakat Foundation’s North Carolina office reserved the local high school parking lot and was provided police officers to direct traffic.

The car line at the distribution event was continuous. Volunteers, including veterans from the local area, distributed hot food boxes (provided by Greek Cuisine), clothing, 350 blankets, 400 cleaning kits, and other essential needs. In total, more than 30,000 items were distributed.

“It was a great day, and I was glad to be part of it,” said Lacey Frownfelter, Programming and Volunteer Services Coordinator from North Carolina’s Office of the Governor.

“It was incredible to see the way the volunteers came together to get everything done. As Thanksgiving approaches, I for one am thankful for the hearts of my fellow North Carolinians. Thank you for all you do.”

In addition, the North Carolina office organized a “Move 4 Water” fundraiser, which raised thousands of dollars to construct hand pumps and water wells. More than 70 volunteers competed in a 5k walkathon to raise awareness on water scarcity, a global issue that affects 700 million people.