Medical Aid to Somali Clinic Saves Lives of Mothers and Children

Medical Aid to Somali Clinic Saves Lives of Mothers and Children

From December, 2013, to February, 2014, the Dr. Hawa Abdi General Hospital in Afgooye, Somalia, treated 1,515 patients, the huge majority of whom were women and children, with medicines supplied through a partnership with Zakat Foundation of America (ZF).

The hospital is the only point of free medical care in a 40-mile radius, serving a population of 124,000 in the immediate area. Through the partnership with ZF the hospital has purchased antibiotics, anti-malarial and anti-parasitic medicines as well as IV fluids. The majority of these medications are used to treat children and mothers.Somalia has one of the highest child and maternal mortality rates in the world, according to UNICEF. One in 10 infants dies before turning one year old. Pneumonia, diarrhea and measles are the most frequent causes of death for Somalian children. One in 12 women dies from a birth- or pregnancy-related illness. Access to antibiotics, IV fluids and other basic medical care can prevent most of these deaths.By supporting medical aid to Somalia you are saving the lives of women and children in one of the world’s poorest countries. Please donate to save a life today.

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