Making Wishes Come True in a Southwestern India School

Making Wishes Come True in a Southwestern India School

Making Wishes Come True in a Southwestern India School

Zakat Foundation of America’s Computer Literacy Project (ZFCLP) in India’s southwestern state of Karnataka is making dreams come true for some of the many women and children who attend the school’s computer classes.

Shireen Madaki, 22, from the slums in the city of Hudli had received her degree in education but had failed to find employment, even after going on numerous job interviews. Life was already hard for her, as she lived in her family house without running water that has just a few sheets of metal for a roof. From her job interviews she knew it was her lack of computer skills that was the barrier to getting work.

Shireen began attending ZFCLP after a neighbor told her about it. ZFCLP provided Shireen with the skills training she needed in spite of the fact that she couldn’t afford to pay for it. She graduated and received interview training from the staff. We are very happy to announce that Shireen was recently selected to teach computer science, math, English and other classes at a local primary school. Shireen says the ZFCFL in Hubli has made “my wishes and dreams come true.”

Tarakeshwari, 20, is another young woman who found a job because of ZFCLP. After completing twelfth grade she dropped out of school due to lack of money. Her father had difficulty paying the bills. Tarakeshwari graduated from ZFCLP’s basics of computers course and went on to take ZFCLP’s course in the accounting software Tally. She has since gotten work as an accounting data entry technician. She is paid a relatively high wage and, because of that, she is helping to support her family, as well as pay to send her sister to college.

ZFCLP currently has 60 women and children attending computer-based courses as well and English language courses. The training offered at the school has allowed many to get full-time, relatively well-paid positions, including computer operator, call center operator, teacher, bill payment operator and receptionist.

Zakat Foundation of America (ZF) believes education and skills training catalyze change and address the roots of chronic poverty and hunger. This education provides opportunities for better access to food, water, shelter, employment and a better quality of life. We wish good luck to Shireen and Tarakeshwari in their new jobs.

You can donate to ZFCLP in India or to similar programs by going to our Dontions page today.

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