Making a Difference Right Here at Home

On a warm spring day in South Shore in the parking lot of the Zakat Foundation Chicago Community center (ZFCCC), a barbecue was set up as the visiting students from DePaul University began taking care of the garden and planting seeds of flowers and vegetables. The planting of seeds goes hand in hand with the motto ZFCCC lives by:  Safety, Education, Engagement, Dignity, and Service.

ZFCCC welcomed a group of students from the Society of St. Vincent at DePaul University to help distribute hygiene kits to needy and homeless people. Members of the Society of St. Vincent are men and women who strive to grow spiritually by offering service to those in need.

ZF sponsored many fundraising dinners prior to this event where generous donors helped assemble close to 200 hygiene kits and placed a personal note inside each one. MAS Youth Chicago Chapter also organized a small gathering where additional items were added to the kits.

South Shore residents have welcomed ZFCCC since it opened its doors a few years ago and immediately became a breath of fresh air that brought with it so much positive energy and hope to this struggling, often forgotten part of Chicago.

ZFCCC offers service opportunities that build community, cultivate a life of engagement and service, ignite creativity, and build self-esteem. Many more events will take place throughout the year at the ZF community center in Chicago.

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