Local Charity Pledges $50,000 to Syrian Refugees

Local Charity Pledges $50,000 to Syrian Refugees

(Bridgeview, IL 6/6/11) Zakat Foundation of America, a humanitarian non-profit based in Bridgeview, Illinois, has pledged $50,000 in aid to people fleeing the current political unrest in Syria. Zakat Foundation of America, which has been organizing humanitarian relief efforts internationally since 2001, has recently established a presence about 1 km from the Syrian border with Lebanon. Distributions of food, water and volunteer crews have been established to help the estimated 5,000 people who have fled Syria in recent days.

Refugees crossing into Lebanon have reported witnessing sniper killings and beatings by Syrian security forces. Others reported crawling to the border for safety because of the presence of tanks and snipers.

Injured people seeking medical attention have been allegedly detained by Syrian security forces. Zakat Foundation of America is supplying basic medical care for those who have been injured in the turmoil.

“Due to our established presence in this region before this crisis, we were able to mobilize quickly,” said Zakat Foundation of America’s Executive Director, Halil Demir. Zakat Foundation of America has representatives or offices in 46 countries worldwide. He stressed the continued need for donations from the public to support the relief effort because “the situation in Syria continues to worsens and the need for assistance becomes more dire each day.”

Zakat Foundation of America will continue to raise funds to purchase food and medical supplies to transport immediately to Syria, as well as other countries in the region.

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