Livestock Gift Gives Earning Power to Indian Mother and Family

Livestock Gift Gives Earning Power to Indian Mother and Family

As soon as Sarah Khan* heard about the Zakat Foundation of America Livestock Gift Program, she rushed to sign up to receive a milking cow.

Ms. Khan and her husband Mohamed* strive to give their children a safe and solid upbringing. Although they have limited funds from Mr. Khan’s work as a farm labourer and Ms. Khan is confined to home employment by local custom, they have worked to take care of their family. They borrowed money for home repairs and to build an indoor restroom so that Ms. Khan and her daughter would not have to brave the hazards of going to the fields to relieve themselves.

Now Ms. Khan has received training from a veterinarian and a local livestock management training center. She is caring for a dairy cow and earning money for her family.

Zakat Foundation of America field staff in India arranged for her to sell the excess milk to a local dairy in their village in the Belgaum District of Karnataka, India. From these sales she has added 1,000 rupees, approximately $17, to the family’s weekly budget. Her husband earns approximately $11, so their income has more than doubled.

Ms. Khan proudly anticipates raising her cow’s calves in order to give other families this opportunity as part of the program’s farmer-to-farmer expansion plan.

The donor who gave this gift to the Khans gave them nutritious milk, butter, yogurt and cheese, gave them the ability to pay for a doctor when they need one, and the means to pay for the children’s school. Through the calves, this donor has also given the same gift to other families in the future.

Imagine the heavenly blessings this donor will receive as the benefits of this gift expand and flourish for generations of families.

Ms. Khan sends her own blessing: “Thank you, Zakat Foundation, and the humble donors who have changed my life and the lives of women like me. I pray that God will bless you.”

*Names have been changed to protect the privacy of Zakat Foundation of America beneficiaries.

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