Life is a Challenge for Kenyan Woman

Life is a Challenge for Kenyan Woman

Life is a Challenge for Kenyan Woman

Life in developing countries can be difficult for women, especially when they do not have the opportunity to learn a trade in order to earn a living.
Aline Mwiza is a young woman who has been given the opportunity to learn how to sew through the Zakat Foundation of America sewing program in Kenya, the Heshima Kenya Girls’ Empowerment Program.

Coming from a poor home, Aline has been determined to learn how to sew to create a better life for herself and her family. Since beginning the program, Aline has struggled with her work but she is a fighter and has refused to give up. She has been one of the most eager students in the program and reports to optional vocational training class by 7:30 a.m. so that she can get extra one-on-one time with the teacher.

While learning how to operate a sewing machine, Aline broke many needles compared to other girls, but she has remained determined in her endeavor. And her hard work has paid off; now Aline is one the first girls to complete the sewing project assigned every month.

Zakat Foundation of America has been working for years to create economic opportunities for women in developing countries around the world. In Kenya, the Heshima Kenya Girls’ Empowerment Program teaches basic tailoring and sewing techniques to equip young women with the knowledge and skills needed to become economically self-sufficient. The 6-month program runs year-round and about 30 girls graduate from the program every year. The program is designed and taught by a professional Kenyan instructor.

There are currently 16 girls in the program and 9 of them will graduate by the end of March. In February, students learned how to sew jackets, and can now execute one on their own, from start to finish. Students in the program have also learned how to make skirts, embroidery motifs, bags, aprons, table runners, napkins and oven gloves. Everyone in the program, from students who have graduated to sewing instructors agree, if it wasn’t for Zakat Foundation of America, these girls would have a very different life ahead of them.

If you want to help a young woman like Aline change her future for the better, donate to Zakat Foundation of America’s Education & Skill Training Program today.

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