Libya: Getting Humanitarian Aid to Those in Need

Libya: Getting Humanitarian Aid to Those in Need

Getting Humanitarian Aid to Those in Need

The dramatic revolutionary events that sweep Libya bring with them serious humanitarian consequences. The death toll from nearly two weeks of violence in Libya is estimated to be at least 2,000 casualties. The eastern region of Libya, where independence from the previously established leader has been declared, will suffer from shortages of food and medicine in the upcoming weeks because turmoil has disrupted the flow of imports into the country, closed many factories and stores, and made truck deliveries too hazardous to be attempted.

Already, there is a scarcity of sugar, rice, pasta, and fruit, and people in the country report having difficulty in locating fresh food. The food that is to be found has now risen in price up to 75% in some areas. Zakat Foundation of America’s (Zakat Foundation of America) representative in the area has entered Benghazi with truck packed with necessary supplies.

Some European governments have sent planes with medical supplies and equipment to the country with the hope of stemming a mass exodus from Libya into surrounding Southern Mediterranean countries. Tens of thousands of Libyans have fled the violence and instability in their country for Tunisia and Egypt. As the situation worsens, many from of the foreign migrant workers who were employed in Libya from neighboring countries such as Egypt, but also Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia have either fled or are desperately trying to flee the dire conditions inside the country. 70,000 people are stranded at the border of Libya and Tunisia.

The situation of those in the Western part of the country, near its border with Tunisia is also dire as tens of thousands of people try to flee Libya for neighboring Tunisia. Zakat Foundation of America teams are at the Tunisian border distributing much needed food and water to the victims of Libya’s turmoil.

With very low temperatures at night and strong desert winds, shelter and sanitation assistance are also critical for those whose lives have been rapidly and drastically affected by the chaos in Libya. Zakat Foundation of America is working hard to meet the needs of Libyan crisis victims, but we cannot do this without the continued support of our generous donors. Consider donating today to help during this crucial time.

Consider donating today to help during this crucial time. Donate now.

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