Let Them Not Be Forgotten

The tension in the Central African Republic (CAR) keeps rising and the Muslim population in this extremely poor country continues to suffer due to neglect from the international community.

The conflict in CAR has been going on for close to two years and, as a result, the socio-economic infrastructure has been completely demolished, resulting in the displacement of hundreds of thousands of people.

Representatives of the Zakat Foundation’s (ZF) local partner distributed parcels containing basic food items to hundreds of Muslim refugees confined in the km-5 enclave of Bangui, the capital city. This is only the first phase of ZF’s humanitarian involvement in CAR ahead of implementing a larger emergency relief program.

Refugees within CAR are confined to a number of areas and are restricted from movement, leaving them trapped with almost no access to education, healthcare, food or contact with their own family members.

There have been numerous efforts by a number of  NGO’s and religious leaders to bring together the different groups in this small but very ethnically diverse country. Until these efforts are fruitful, we hope to be able to help these marginalized citizens of CAR.

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