Laughing your way to Health

Laughing your way to Health

“Health empowerment starts with effective education,” stated Laila Muhammad. “People want to be able to take care of themselves. They just need the tools to do so,” she added. This past Sunday Zakat Foundation of America Community Center–Chicago (Zakat Foundation of AmericaCCC) hosted its second community health fair. Laughter, humor and stress reduction were discussed at Zakat Foundation of AmericaCCC. Doctors, nurses, and medical students volunteered their time to educate the community about stress related illnesses and the importance of incorporating laughter into your life.

The Zakat Foundation of America social service team planned this event with the intent of reaching out to those who are underinsured or lack healthcare coverage all together. Since Zakat Foundation of AmericaCCC opened its doors people have been inquiring about services, in particular that of health services.

Several nurses performed blood pressure and glucose screenings. Results were written on pre-printed cards so participants could take them home. The reverse side showed normal results. Workshops included tips on how to manage ones stress and signs and symptoms of major stress related illnesses. University of Illinois – Chicago (UIC) medical students took part in educating the participants.

Along with medical diagnostic screenings Zakat Foundation of AmericaCCC also offered psychological testing. In a time where psychological testing is often neglected Zakat Foundation of AmericaCCC saw this as an opportunity to aid those in need. Healthy and light refreshments were served. This is one of several fairs that Zakat Foundation of America intends on hosting in the Chicago-land region. Zakat Foundation of America remains committed to reducing health disparities in underserved communities.

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